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Fine Laboratory Industries Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2009, FNLAB (fnlaboratory) has an experienced designer and engineer management team, 4 registered constructors, 2 registered HVAC engineers, 2 registered environmental engineers, 2 registered water and drainage engineers, and 1 registered safety engineer. Registered cost engineer 3, the company focuses on overseas laboratory engineering construction services.


    • Laboratory Design

      Laboratory Design

      Laboratory Detailed Design:
      The detailed design of the laboratory construction drawing is a deepening of the preliminary design. The purpose is to serve the construction. At this stage, the drawings and the engineer’s intentions and all the design results are expressed as a basis for...

    • Lab Steel and Wood Bench

      Lab Steel and Wood Bench

      The test bench made of steel and wood is called a steel bench. C-Frame type structure is simple, flexible, can be freely combined, can choose to use hanging cabinet and push cabinet structure, easy to install and disassemble, is conducive to laboratory cleaning.

    • Lab Washing Bench

      Lab Washing Bench

      Laboratory Wash Bench
      1. Steel or steel-wood combination, material, process and quality are the same as Bench;
      2. The cabinet door adopts high quality automatic closing hinge;
      3, drawers use high-quality silent load-bearing rails;
      4, faucets, large PP sink (800 * 400 * 400mm), drip racks and...

    • Lab Steel Bench

      Lab Steel Bench

      C-Frame Steel Bench
      1. The combination of the steel frame and the steel cabinet, the steel cabinet can be used in the form of suspension and pulleys, free combination, simple installation;
      2. The steel frame adopts 40*60*1.5mm steel pipe, with a load-bearing capacity of 300kg/m, which can fully...