Modular Clean Room PU Wall Panel

Modular Clean Room PU Wall Panel

Food aseptic laboratory furniture accessories layout, as early as morning and morning
Any laboratory in the design, construction will follow certain rules, is a very serious process, if the process is not designed and well-planned, it is very prone to laboratory accidents. Especially for food...
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Food aseptic laboratory furniture accessories layout, as early as morning and morning

Any laboratory in the design, construction will follow certain rules, is a very serious process, if the process is not designed and well-planned, it is very prone to laboratory accidents. Especially for food industry research, the focus of this issue will be on food laboratory furniture fittings.

First, siting

As the basis of a laboratory, the surrounding environment of the laboratory's construction site is very important. We should choose a quiet and clean place without excessive noise, and we must also have good ventilation and plenty of light.

Second, structure and layout

1. Office

2, physical and chemical laboratory: physical and chemical analysis room, instrument room

3. Bacteria Laboratory: Bacterial Inspection Operation Room, Sterile Room, Culture Media Production Room, Washing and Disinfection Room

Third, the general layout is as follows

1. Office

This is a place for experimenters to record and discuss. The overall requirements for the office are not very high. Therefore, it is only necessary to have a simple table and chair facility and set it in the outermost room of the lab.

2, bacteria inspection operation room

Requirements for the test bench:

A. The standard width of the experimental side table is 750mm, and the standard width of the central test bed is 1500m;

B. The position of the test bench should be in the center of the laboratory, and there should be sufficient light;

C. Basins and faucets can be installed on both sides of the test bench;

D. The reagent rack is set in the middle of the experiment bench, and the socket is installed on the rack;

E. The material of the laboratory table top should be resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali.

3, sterile room

A. The entrance avoids the corridor and is located in the bacteria inspection operation room;

B. Separate from the operating room with two buffers;

C. The ultraviolet light is installed in the sterile room and the buffer room, requiring a 30-watt UV lamp to be installed every 3 square meters;

D. There is a laboratory bench in the sterile room (both the central laboratory bench and the side bench), and the UV lamp is less than 1.5m away from the bench.

E. Double windows are provided between the sterile room and the operating room to form a small channel.

4, culture medium production room

The medium chamber is the place where the culture medium required for the cultivation of microorganisms and reagents for testing are prepared. The main equipments should be side tables and medicine cabinets.

A. An electric furnace should be placed on the side table so as to meet the needs of melting the boiled medium;

B. The material of the side table should be resistant to heat, acid and alkali;

C. Medicine cabinets are divided into categories to store some general drugs and reagents;

D. Dangerous, perishable and flammable toxic and hazardous drugs are separately stored in safes;

E. Scales should be placed on the side tables to take medicines.

5, washing and disinfection room

Washing and sterilizing chambers are used to sterilize and wash the used glassware. In order to meet the function of washing and sterilizing, the washing and disinfection room should be provided with:

A, 1 ~ 2 washing pools, clean water from the washing pool up and down;

B. Containers or test benches for the washing of containers;

C, autoclave, its power supply should meet the power load;

D. Ventilation device inside the room: fume hood;

E. The conditional unit may also be equipped with a water distillation device for daily inspection in the room.

6. Physical and chemical analysis room: The physical and chemical analysis room is the main operation room for physical and chemical analysis.

A. The requirements of the laboratory bench and the bacteria operation room are the same;

B. Set up fume hoods to meet the needs of heating, digestion, drying, cauterization and chemical treatment;

C, washing pool.

7. Instrument room: used to place microscopes, electronic balances and small-scale instruments for physical and chemical analysis.

A, requiring clean and dry, moisture-proof pest control, light protection;

B. The instrument platform should be stable and reliable.


In the layout of food design laboratory furniture fittings, if a certain functional equipment link is not done well, it is very easy to cause the entire experimental results to be biased or failed. The laboratory is a highly demanding environment, so the relevant laboratory personnel should pay attention to The layout to these details.

The above is the knowledge of food laboratory design and construction layout that we are talking about today.

The pursue of the company, is definitely the clients' pleasure for Modular Clean Room PU Wall Panel. Hope to expertise a happy company co-operation perform with you. We will continue advancing and developing with the time, keeping on innovation and consistently bringing the existing and potential customers satisfactory products and services.
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