Lab Furniture School Laboratory Equipment Lab Tabl (GT-11)

Lab Furniture School Laboratory Equipment Lab Tabl (GT-11)

Clean room decoration features:
1, near the enclosure structure: the enclosure wall of the enclosure should have the habit of seismic and fire prevention capabilities. The partition wall uses a sandwich color steel plate with a thickness of 50 mm, and 0.476 mm thick gray-white flame-retardant...
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Clean room decoration features:

1, near the enclosure structure: the enclosure wall of the enclosure should have the habit of seismic and fire prevention capabilities. The partition wall uses a sandwich color steel plate with a thickness of 50 mm, and 0.476 mm thick gray-white flame-retardant polystyrene color steel plates on both sides. The center foam has a bulk density of 16 kg/m3 and a single side 15 g film. Structural columns should use color steel plate decoration. Yinyang angle of color steel plate should be selected aluminum profile decoration, during which the specifications of aluminum alloy arc and bottom plate is R=45, non-color steel plate wall surface selection of latex paint: ceiling, floor, wall of the intersection are arc-shaped and reliable sealing.

2. Suspended ceiling: Use a sandwich color steel plate with a total thickness of 50mm, and 0.476mm thick white flame-retardant polystyrene color steel plate on both sides. The bulk density of the center sandwich foam is 16kg/m3, and the single-side 15g film is covered. The height is the same as 2.4±0.2m

3. An independent air supply and exhaust system should be installed to control the air flow direction and pressure gradient of the sterile room. Ensure that air flows through the operating area to the exhaust vents when in an aseptic room. The placement of the air inlets and outlets should be counter-distribution and be sent to the next row, which should minimize dead angles and eddy currents in the sterile room.

4. It should be ensured that the total number of ventilation and ventilation is not less than 6 times per hour. The purification and ventilation system includes air-conditioning units and fan units (including blower units and exhaust fans), and the machine room is placed on the ground. In the meantime, the blower group includes: new air outlet, new return air mixing section, air supply section, uniform flow section (editing section), Zhongxiao section, outlet section, and muffler section. The air conditioner should have sufficient power to keep the indoor temperature at 20-24°C for a year, and the temperature should be kept at <60%. The cleanliness level of the clean bench should reach 100 levels.

5. Set up power distribution boxes and lighting boxes separately in the corridors. The electrical components should be imported. The distribution box production enterprises should have 3C certification talents.

6. The power supply of lighting box and power distribution box comes from the main distribution box of the building.

7, send exhaust system can choose to return air system.

8, The air supply in the 8.4 sterile room should be filtered through the primary, middle and high grades.

9. The outside air outlet of the sterile room should be far away from the air outlet and be set in the downwind direction of the prevailing wind. There should be rain protection, rodent prevention and pest control planning, but it should not affect the direct air discharge.

10. The high efficiency air filter should be installed at the end of the air supply duct.

11. All cables and wires are worn through steel pipes along the ceiling and along the wall.

12. Lighting switches and sockets shall be concealed, and the single-phase and three-phase sockets shall be properly settled according to the laboratory's request.

13, should think together air conditioning ventilation system power

14. The ventilation system and high-efficiency air filter device should be strong and meet the air tightness requirement. HEPA filters should be sterilized prior to replacement, or filters that can be replaced in airtight tape bags should be sterilized or incinerated immediately after replacement. Every HEPA filter unit, replacement, and protection should be followed by a sterile room air check to ensure its function.

15. Air-tight sealed valves should be installed at the air supply and exhaust manifolds. If necessary, they can be completely closed for indoor chemical fumigation.

16, on the ground: laying 3mm thick epoxy floor (green). All land should not be left unchecked, and all entrances and exits should be designed to prevent arthropods and rodents from entering.

17. Doors and Windows: The door between the first level buffer, the first level buffer and the second level buffer in the inner corridor adopts the aluminum alloy sliding door, and the door between the second level buffer and the sterile area is the closed single door of the color steel plate. An aluminum alloy enclosed window (1300*1100mm) and one or two full stainless steel chain transmission windows (600*600*600mm) shall be provided on the color steel partition wall between the sterile area and the central station. The two doors cannot be in an open condition together. Ultraviolet disinfection equipment should be installed in the transmission window.

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