Maintenance Of Laboratory Bench.

- May 22, 2018-

laboratory bench is very common in laboratory furniture. If the use method and maintenance are not in place, in the later experimental operation, it will seriously affect the results of the experiment, laboratory bench which may cause irreparable damage! In normal times, therefore, you need to pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of test bench, to prolong the cycle of test bench, life, so you can ensure that will not happen again in the subsequent use of this or that kind of problem, also avoid so the inconvenience caused.

1. Pollution of oily substances.

As a result of the experiment environment problems, the outside world may exist various impurities with among them, such as water, oily substances and so on, laboratory bench these can lead to serious corrosion experiments of metal, laboratory bench and could damage the sealing device. The most important is the pollution of oily substances, which will affect the normal operation of each component. According to the detailed statistics,65% of the experimental stations have such problems. So this issue needs to be focused on and protected.

Maintenance method:

1. Try to avoid the uncleanness of the experimental environment.

The sealing device should be reasonable and the air filter should be installed.

2. High temperature

Different tests have different requirements, and the temperature is also a great test. The high temperature may cause the deformation of the material of the experimental bench, laboratory bench which seriously affects its service life and the accuracy of future use.