Laboratory Engineering Visit

- Jan 03, 2019-


    During Christmas 2018, a serious laboratory safety accident happened in Beijing Jiaotong University. The cause of the accident is under investigation. The accident gave us a vivid safety education lesson for laboratory practitioners. Before the Spring Festival, our company plans to conduct on-site customer visits to clients completed within 3-6 months, to publicize laboratory safety practices and storage and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.

     First, laboratory safety behavior: 

     1. Do not store drinkable food and beverages in the laboratory; do not do any work unrelated to experiments and research.

     2. Smoking is prohibited in the whole laboratory area (including indoor, corridor, elevator room, etc.). 

     3. No outsider shall be brought into the laboratory without the permission of the laboratory management department. 

     4. Familiar with escape routes and emergency response measures in emergencies, clear the location of first aid box, fire extinguishing equipment, emergency eyewash device and shower. Bear in mind the emergency call 119/120/110.

     5. Keep laboratory doors and corridors open, minimize the number of reagents stored in the laboratory, and prohibit the storage of highly toxic drugs without permission. High toxicity, easy to make poison, inflammable, explosive special person responsible for. 

     6. Wash your hands before leaving the laboratory. Do not wear lab clothes or gloves to enter restaurants, libraries, conference rooms, offices and other public places. 

     7. Keep the laboratory clean and tidy. After the end of the experiment, the laboratory utensils and utensils should be washed, dried and put into the cabinet in time. There is no accumulation of large quantities of articles in the room and on the table. Clean the laboratory platform at least once a day.

     8. Consult the person responsible for the laboratory or equipment in time when you encounter any questions in the experimental work, and do not operate blindly. 

     9. It is strictly forbidden to leave the experimental site for a long time during the experiment. 

     10. In order to ensure the safety of the experiment, more than two people must be in the room when doing some dangerous experiments in the evening and on holidays. 

      Second,  storage and storage of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods:

     1. All chemical containers should be clearly and permanently labeled to indicate the contents and potential hazards. 

     2. All chemicals should have a list of safety data.

     3. Familiar with the characteristics and potential hazards of chemicals used. 

     4. Chemicals that are unstable or prone to peroxide formation during storage should be marked with special markers.

     5. Chemicals should be stored at an appropriate height. Chemicals should not be stored in the fume hood.

     6. The storage location of corrosive liquid containers should be as low as possible, and the collecting trays should be padded to prevent spilling from causing safety accidents.

     7. Store unstable chemicals separately and mark the purchase date on the label. Drug reagents that may undergo chemical reactions are stored separately to prevent toxic fumes, fires or even explosions from interaction.

     8. Volatile and toxic substances require special storage conditions, and highly toxic drugs may not be stored in the laboratory without permission.

     9. No large amount of flammable solvents should be stored in the laboratory, and how much should be used? Unused whole bottles of reagents should be kept away from light and heat sources.

     10. When contacting dangerous chemicals, you must wear work clothes, protective glasses, full-mouthed shoes without toes, and long hair must be tied up.

     11. Corrosive chemicals, toxic chemicals, organic peroxides, combustibles and radioactive substances shall not be kept together, especially bleaching agents, nitric acid, perchloric acid and hydrogen peroxide. 

    Chinese FNLAB Laboratory Company specializes in the overall renovation, design and construction of the laboratory. It is committed to providing professional safety and environmental protection laboratory engineering solutions for customers, and strives to implement the core values of "one customer, one friend". I wish scientific researchers a happy and healthy Spring Festival in 2019.