Laboratory Bench Clean Tips.

- May 22, 2018-

1, had better use warm water to wipe test bench mesa, second can choose to use the ketone or mild detergent to wipe test bench, is made of liquid soap or detergent to wipe the table, avoid by all means use detergent containing abrasive, acid ingredients in order to avoid damage of surface. Stubborn stains can be used to remove the hypochlorite on the surface of the corrosion resistant physical and chemical plate surface clean water;

2. Use disinfectant to clean the surface of stubborn stains, avoid sharp and sharp objects;

3. Avoid exposure to the sun in order to avoid affecting its appearance or molten metal;

4. Regularly open Windows to ensure air quality and safety of staff;

5, avoid by all means is exposed for a long time under the environment of temperature over 135 ℃;

6. The flame of the alcohol lamp will damage the test bench, so it should be used on the shelf.

When the laboratory is designed and installed, the layout of the laboratory should be able to meet the experimental needs and meet the requirements of safe evacuation in case of emergency. Once when emergencies, no matter in which direction do experiment, should have two pathways to choose from, Laboratory Bench aisle between platform and the platform should be able to lead to corridor, can in an emergency can be quickly withdrawn from the laboratory.

The Laboratory Bench has two - sided island type, peninsula type and single - sided wall type. Two-sided island type spacing is generally not less than 130 cm, so it is convenient for the experimenter to move around freely around the area, and the traffic area is large, which is conducive to the evacuation. If special configuration is required before the stage, for example: storage cylinders, the spacing should be set to a net distance of 160-180cm. This type of test bench operation experiment personnel is back to back, in case of need can be set up in the middle of the channel separating screen, screen should be flame retardant material separately, Laboratory Bench in order to prevent the chemical opposite of experiment personnel and at that time, space should also be larger. The spacing between the test bed and the fume hood should be no less than 125 cm.

In order to facilitate operation, the height and width of the test bed should be appropriate, and the height of the table should be 80 to 85 centimeters high, except for some special experiments. General mesa net width is recommended 75 centimeters, if the equipment that needs to install on the surface is more, can be appropriately widened, so as to operate. The width of mesa reagent bottle shelf can be 20-40 centimeters, so the width of one side table can be 75-85 centimeters, if double sided, mesa width can be 140-150 centimeters.

Different laboratory USES the experiment platform material also is different, the main material has the steel, the wood and so on, the biochemistry laboratory that undertakes microbiology research chooses the mesa suitable to choose seamless white mesa. No matter what kind of material chooses, Laboratory Bench its mesa should be firm and smooth, seamless, do not leak, wear-resisting, heat resistance, resist corruption, have sufficient hardness, not easy to scratch, but not easy to touch broken glassware.

Installing a test bench, location choice to correct, if the lab using natural lighting, light and out of the window wall not in the parallel position, otherwise once the experimenter back to the window, will produce the experimenter mesa, while facing the window would produce the dazzling light.