Laboratory Bench, As An Important Part Of Laboratory Furniture

- May 22, 2018-

Laboratory Bench, as an important part of laboratory furniture, laboratory is one of the basic experiment equipment of large equipment, is also needed to use in more class laboratory platform, put the position of the divided into: the central experiment table, edge Angle,.

Functional division

The central platform, the side table, the washing table, the instrument platform, the chromatographic table, the operation table, the purification table, the physical platform, etc.

The main structure

Steel structure, steel structure, stainless steel structure.

The main body style

Suspension (conventional style), push cabinet type.

Laboratory overall design can be customized according to customer requirements, meet the demand of different laboratories, configuration condole ark, reagent, water frame, eye bath, sink, faucet, socket, etc., based on the differences of decorate the environment gives different colour collocation.

Installation requirements and quality requirements of laboratory bench.

Cabinet installation and quality requirements.

1. When installing adjustable feet, the standard must be firm.

2. The cabinet shall be placed according to the construction drawing.

3. The cabinet body connection must be smooth, and the height and height error is 0.2mm. The connection screws must be in the invisible place, so as to avoid affecting the appearance effect.

4. After the cabinet is connected, the adjustable level must be flat, and the horizontal height error shall not exceed 3mm in the length of 1000mm, and the height of the skirting board shall be ensured.

Table installation and quality requirements.

1. The installation should be properly protected from pollution, scratches and damage.

2. The surface of the table shall be square and straight, and the joint between the mesa and the mesa shall be smooth, and the gap shall not be greater than 1.5mm; Installation of the central mesa interface should be flush, the gap is straight and uniform; Wooden countertops need to be secured with screws, and other material surfaces should be glued securely.

3. Quality requirements of mesa glass glue: first, paste the glue seam 2-3mm with the color separation paper, and it needs to be straight and even. After the glue is applied, the separation paper will be replaced.

4. Do not touch the glue line until the glue is dry.