How To Choose The Laboratory Bench

- May 22, 2018-

A wooden structure laboratory operating platform

The wooden structure laboratory console mainly uses melamine cyanide plates as main materials, and then is made of auxiliary materials such as splints and medium density fiberboards. According to the climate differences in different regions of the country, plates of different origins are reasonably selected to meet the requirements of the laboratory. Requirements. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Appropriate prices, currently occupy a large market share in the field of domestic laboratory consoles;

2. Variety of wood, easy processing, easy molding, novel and unique, deeply loved by customers;

3. Easy installation and disassembly, convenient after-sales service;

4. Excellent acid and alkali resistance.

Second, steel and wood structure laboratory operating platform

Steel-wood structure laboratory console includes two structures: one is C-frame type and the other is H-frame type; C-FRAME type is simple in structure, flexible and changeable, can be freely combined, H-type dignified generous, load-bearing performance it is good. Steel structure has the following characteristics:

1. Select 40*60 square steel, the surface has been phosphatized, pickled, and then epoxy resin (EPOXY) powder paint treatment, no protruding paint block, bright and clean, strong resistance to strong acid and alkali performance;

2. Tables can use laboratory-specific countertops such as Shanghai Weisheng Asia Solid PHYS, EPOXY, and TRESPA.

3. The C-frame can use the hanging cabinet and push cabinet structure, which is easy to install and disassemble, which is beneficial to the laboratory cleaning work.

4. The H-frame's steel structure allows the Laboratory Bench to reach a load-bearing capacity of more than 500KG to meet the requirements for the use of large precision instruments.

Third, the entire steel structure laboratory operating platform

The steel laboratory console has the advantages of good load-bearing performance, long service life, and excellent cost-effectiveness. It has been highly praised by domestic and foreign laboratory users in recent years, and has gradually replaced the development trend of the wooden laboratory console, and is also a future domestic experiment. The general trend of the development of the room.

The whole steel series floor-standing experimental console is made of 1.2mm thick domestic/imported first-class cold-rolled/galvanized steel sheet as base material, fully auto-molded; the surface is phosphatized, pickled, and then passed through epoxy resin (EPOXY ) powder paint treatment, no prominent paint blocks, bright and clean, strong resistance to strong acid and alkali performance. With high manufacturing precision, it can be easily assembled and assembled, and has strong adaptability to meet your laboratory space requirements.