Cleanroom Air Condition

1, according to the United States federal FS209E standard, ISO/TC209 standard design, control air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and other parameters;
2, air through three air filters: clean air conditioning two (coarse, medium efficiency), room level (high efficiency);

Product Details

Product Name

Cleanroom Air Condition

Product Description

Hospital central air conditioning system design is based on the principle of building an internationalized, modern, high-standard, energy-saving; Reasonable air conditioning airflow organization and temperature&RH control are the key points for Hospital different sections HVAC system design, therefore, purification air handling unit is widely required for providing fresh air and make people feel comfortable in hospital.

Product Feature

air handling units are combined by different function sections, they are cooling/heating coil, electric heater, filters, dehumidifier or humidifier, heat recovery section,etc. They can deal with air up to140000 m3/h, widely used in the fields of electronic, apparatus, machinery, medicine, food and clean air conditioning system.

1. Frame work

T type aluminium alloy profile, with anti-cold-bridge function and good strength.

2. Double-skin Panel

  Double-skin panel use galvanized steel sheet (inner) and powder coated sheet(outside) with 30mm/50mm thick Polyurethane(PU) insulation sandwiched between two layers.

3. Cooling coils

 Usually, cooling coils adopt copper tubes with mechanically pressed-on aluminium fins, and copper tubes with copper fins coil are also available. There are 4 rows, 6 rows and 8 rows coil for choice.

4. Filters

  Washable aluminium filter G4, bag filter F7 or F8, HEPA filter, which can meet different requirements of cleaning class.

5. Optional devices

 Electric heater, humidifier, eliminator, silencer, air damper, etc. They can be add to the air handling units according to different requirements.