What are the effects of wind speed in the Laboratory Fume Hood?

- May 22, 2018-

1. The cost of the project and the difficulty of construction become larger.

The exhaust volume of the Laboratory Fume Hood becomes larger, and the corresponding equipment model and pipe size will also become larger. The installation cost will also be larger and the engineering construction will be more difficult. As the device model increases, the corresponding input power will also increase, so all operating expenses will become larger.

2. Lower the building height.

In order to achieve a good exhaust ventilation effect, the pipe size should be increased accordingly to increase the Laboratory Laboratory Fume Hood. Because the pipe is installed in the ceiling, the height of the ceiling will be reduced as the size of the duct increases, so the building height will be reduced.

3. The system noise vibration becomes larger.

The equipment model of the Laboratory Fume Hood system becomes larger, and the noise and vibration generated during operation will also increase. The additional noise and vibration caused by the increase of the model of Laboratory Fume Hood can not be completely eliminated even if the noise reduction equipment is added.

Rules for the use of Laboratory Fume Hoods.

Laboratory Fume Hood is an part of the laboratory equipment, in the scientific laboratory environment, good ventilation effect for creating a clean laboratory environment, guarantee the scientific nature of the experimental conditions, reliability and security is very important in the process of experiment; Therefore, when we use the Laboratory Fume Hood, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, the indoor air temperature between 5 ℃ and + 40 ℃, the average no more than 24 hours + 25 ℃;

2. The laboratory should always be ventilated when it is not used in the Laboratory Fume Hood, which is beneficial to the health of the test personnel;

3. When two or more Laboratory Fume Hoods jointly use one fan, the "open" and "off" of the fan can only be controlled by one operator to avoid improper operation or improper operation. If the other Laboratory Laboratory Fume Hood is not used temporarily or should be stopped, use the air volume control valve to close the vent; Avoid repeating "open" and "turn off" fan, which not only damages the life of the fan, but also is inaccurate to the experiment.

4. When using the Laboratory Fume Hood, avoid the interference of the countercurrent wind caused by the movement of personnel to the Laboratory Fume Hood;

5. When the Laboratory Fume Hood is in use, every 2 hours shall be provided with 10 minutes of ventilation. Use more than 5 hours to open Windows to avoid negative pressure indoors.