Laboratory Fume Hood safety matters

- May 22, 2018-

1. It is forbidden to conduct an experimental course in the Laboratory Fume Hood when the Laboratory Fume Hood is not opened;

2. It is forbidden to put the head into the Laboratory Fume Hood to operate or check during the experiment;

3. It is forbidden to store or test flammable and explosive materials in Laboratory Fume Hoods;

4. It is forbidden to place the mobile socket bar or wire inside the Laboratory Fume Hood;

5. It is forbidden to do the experiment of mixing the organic substances that are prohibited from being discharged by the country and the high chlorine compounds in the Laboratory Fume Hoods;

6. It is forbidden to place the experimented substance in the Laboratory Fume Hood without experiment. If there is a chemical splash, the power should be cut off immediately;

7. When moving the upper and lower windows, operate slowly and gently so as not to crush the door handles;

8. During the experiment, the window should be 100-150mm away from the test bench;

9. The operating area of the Laboratory Fume Hood should be kept open, and the objects around the Laboratory Fume Hood should be avoided;

10. If the Laboratory Fume Hood starts to malfunction or if the sound of the fan is incorrect, the operation must be stopped. Professional maintenance personnel are required to perform maintenance. Do not disassemble and repair it.

11. When the operator does not use the Laboratory Fume Hood, the ventilation counter shall avoid storing too much test equipment or chemical substances and prohibit long-term stacking;

12. If there is poor ventilation, please contact the sales person in time to facilitate the engineering department to repair it as soon as possible.