Laboratory Fume Hood maintenance and maintenance

- May 22, 2018-

Since most of the experimental substances are toxic, there are potential safety hazards in various parts of the Laboratory Fume Hood and its associated ventilation lines. Therefore, before performing various inspections and maintenance, it must be confirmed that no risk factors exist, and any Staff of the maintenance inspection must wear protective equipment (such as acid and alkali gloves, safety glasses, protective masks, masks, etc.). If any dangerous condition is found in the process, it should be immediately eliminated before the maintenance work can be carried out.

In order to maintain the safety of the operators and prolong the life of the Laboratory Fume Hood, the exhaust system should maintain normal operation at any time.

The following points are recommended for maintenance every 3 months:

1. Use a neutral detergent to clean all parts of the cabinet, including glass windows, liners, and deflectors;

2. Lubricate the slide rail, Laboratory Fume Hood cable and balance pulley of the adjusting door.

The following points are recommended for maintenance every 6 months:

1. Inspect the adjustment mechanism for corrosion or damage;

2. Check if each fan, motor, shaft and bearing are operating normally.

3. Test whether each remote control unit (faucet, gas copy) can operate normally;

4. Examine the exhaust outlet pipe, especially the exhaust hood and the pipe connection part for leakage;

5. Inspect the interior of the exhaust hood, Laboratory Fume Hood especially if there is accumulation of impurities in the elbow section.

When there is abnormality in the inspection, the damaged or defective spare parts should be replaced according to the specifications immediately;

When any spill of chemical liquid is found, it should be thoroughly cleaned with a neutral detergent immediately.