GLP Laboratory

- Jan 21, 2019-


       GLP is Good Laboratory Practice, which means "Good Laboratory Standards". In order to achieve the goal of reliable and controllable results, GLP uses strict standard documents to restrict the specific operation steps in the operation process. GLP Laboratory is a research platform for a series of standardized management from planning, experiment, supervision, record to experiment report.
       GLP laboratory equipped with the main instruments and equipment are: biosafety cabinet, CO2 biochemical incubator, operating platform, transfer window, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, sterilization pot, refrigerator and so on.
       The air cleanliness level defined by GLP laboratory is to control both living and inanimate particles. The pressure gradient between clean rooms is not less than 5 Pa, the pressure difference between clean areas and outdoors is not less than 10 Pa; the indoor noise is less than 65 dB (A); the temperature is 20-22 C/humidity 30%-50% in winter and 24-26 C/humidity 50%-70% in summer. Overall indoor environmental requirements: sedimentation bacteria (< 3cfu/dish), plankton bacteria (< 100cfu/m), 0.5um (< 352000pc/m), 1um (< 83200pc/m), 5um (< 2930pc/m); local environmental requirements of experimental operation surface: 0.5um (< 3500pc/m), 5um (< 0pc/m); sedimentation bacteria (< 1cfu/dish), plankton bacteria (< 5cfu/m). Identification and acceptance status is generally static, daily monitoring dynamic. For the overall renovation of GLP Laboratory, Guangzhou Finn Laboratory has the following suggestions to share:
       1. Selection of overall decoration materials for laboratories. It is suggested that materials with smooth surface, wear-resistant, dust-free, easy to clean, stainless and water-absorbent should be selected. Materials such as assembled color steel plate, glass, stainless steel and glass can be selected for wall surface, and assembled color steel plate can be selected for ceiling (color steel plate thickness is 50mm, width is 1150mm, height can be customized, polyurethane or calcium silicate can be filled in interior), and seamless splicing of floor with PVC coil can be selected for floor.
       2. Clean filtration, lighting, sterilization and gas supply processes. Because of the requirement of cleanliness, positive pressure gradient should be maintained in the room. Clean air conditioning, lighting electrical, sterilization and high purity gas supply pipeline in GLP laboratory should be cleaned, sealed or sanitary protection handled and recorded at any time during the process of equipment inspection and construction in accordance with the requirements of GB50591-2010. Pipelines and rooms should be cleaned and cleaned for more than 12 hours before installation of filters. High-efficiency filters should be unpacked once and sealed, not repeatedly dismantled.
       3. Construction technology. The closed closure of arc-shaped aluminium profiles is used between the ground and the wall, the wall and the wall, the wall and the ceiling, in order to facilitate sanitation and cleanliness. The arc-shaped closure is used as far as possible for glass, stainless steel and assembled colored steel plate. After installation, the whole system is wiped with alcohol and sealed with neutral silica gel. After installation of ceiling, all cracks after lighting, sterilization and gas supply pipeline are sealed with neutral silica gel.
       4. The GLP laboratory should be fully sanitary and clean after the whole decoration. It can first use a water-absorbing mop + a large amount of clean water, and then use 75% alcohol to repeatedly wipe the wall, smallpox, floor, operating desk, biosafety cabinet and so on. After 24 hours of trial operation, the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure gradient can be tested and recorded. If the agreement stipulates that the third-party inspection institution will issue the test report of the above parameters, the third-party inspection can be invited after the internal inspection is qualified.
       The above experience is summarized and shared by China FNLAB Laboratory Company on the overall decoration design and construction of GLP laboratory, hoping to help practitioners.